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KSS Vietnam, located in Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park in Binh Duong province, Vietnam, was established in 2005 as a processing factory for our mother company, Kaneka Sun Spice Japan who has six decades of experience in food industry. Since then, we have expanded our business from export-processing for our mother company to distributing to global markets.


In 2005, with limited natural pepper materials, we started to seek for safe pepper from the southern part of Vietnam which is well-known as the largest pepper growing area in the world. We expect that we can make contribution to the reputation of Vietnam pepper quality. In 2010, we opened our own plantation for R&D purpose to implement research on Bio-Organic pepper cultivation and eco-friendly operation in order to keep healthy environment in Vietnam for the next generation.

With 60 years of experience in Japan and 15 years of experience in Vietnam, we have developed strong supply system and provided agri-products in compliance with our strict quality management. We always aim to play a pioneer role in supplying authentic, healthy, and safe food ingredients.


We utilize experience and knowledge to provide our customers with innovative products. We stay ahead of the industry by using modern technologies, well-selected raw materials with strict quality control procedure.

From the beginning, we have built up strong quality management system and supply chain network and obtained certificates to reach the most sophisticated markets such as Japan and EU.

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KSS Binh Phuoc Branch

KSS Binh Phuoc Branch

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KSS Binh Duong Branch

KSS Binh Duong Branch

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